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Raising money for Beatbullying

Organising a fundraising event or activity is a great way to get involved with anti-bullying week, raise awareness and make a real difference to the lives of young people facing the often devastating consequences of bullying. You can do lots of things to raise money for Beatbullying, on your own, with friends or in your school. Be creative and you are sure to have a good time whilst doing a great thing. Whether you are organising an own clothes day, holding a bake sale or coffee morning, putting on a concert or doing a sponsored walk, big or small your contribution will enable us continue to provide our bullying prevention and support work, such as the CyberMentors programme - helping thousands of young people who are coming to us in crisis.

Here are some ideas to get you started...and don't forget to download our fundraising pack!

Raise £3 and help us respond to one child who has been bullied

Raise £22 and pay for a counselling session for a traumatised victim of bullying or child-on-child violence

Raise £100 and cover the cost of training one young person as a CyberMentor, enabling them to support and mentor their peers through the issues they are facing

Raise £1,500 and pay for the cost of delivering the CyberMentors bullying prevention programme in your school