For every six excluded
young people Beatbullying
get back on track, they save society £1 million

Beatbullying is an outstanding charity with a clear and ambitious vision… NPC believes that Beatbullying has a proven model to reduce bullying…an excellent charity”

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Beatbullying has delivered exceptionally strong performance in the years following our humble beginnings by broadly doubling our turnover year on year.

In 2009, our charity underwent a significant process of growth. Staff strength increased again significantly. Numbers of volunteers, counsellors and CyberMentors have also increased. We're also pleased to announce an increase in the number of funders who believe in the welfare of the young people we help in the prevention and reduction of bullying. As we head into 2010, we currently employ nearly 100 staff with 50 volunteer staff and over 3000 young people volunteering as CyberMentors (with a waiting list of several thousand young people wanting to become CyberMentors!)

Internal control and risk management

The Board and senior management of Beatbullying have overall responsibility for internal control, including risk management. We agree appropriate policies that will safeguard the achievement of the Charity's objectives. The Board considers and approves the Key Risk Register and the mitigating actions. Also, consideration is given to where future opportunities and risks lie which helps shape our overall future funding strategy. Executive management is responsible for identifying, evaluating and managing financial and non-financial risks. It is the Executives' role to implement and maintain the control systems in accordance with the Board's policies and in line with best practice for charitable organizations.

Non-financial risk and reserve

We manage a broad range of financial and non-financial risks, including social, ethical and environmental responsibilities. The construction of the Key Risk Register takes into account all these matters. A reserve policy has also been put in place. This has been carefully designed to cater for contingencies and any unforeseeable circumstances and the purpose of this policy is to establish the necessary reserve funds to meet unexpected financial contingencies and maintain the financial solvency of the charity.



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