Big Thanks To Box-it!

05 NOVEMBER 2013

Lots of lovely people come out to support BeatBullying during Anti-Bullying Week. We'd like to say a big thank you to Box-it South East, who are proudly supporting BeatBullying this year.


Barclays and BeatBullying on a new mobile app


Emily, Laura, Olivia and Evie from Poynton High School at Barclays Technology Park in Knutsford. The girls are working with Barclays and BeatBullying on a new mobile app.


New funding for BeatBullying will help support tens of thousands of young people

09 MAY 2013

BeatBullying is thrilled to have received funding from the Department for Education, which will allow us to train thousands of new mentors to provide online and offline support for young people over the next two years. 

The funding will also allow us to expand our counselling service to ensure that all those who access our website get the support they so desperately need.

The grants programme from the Department for Education is to allow charities to implement national innovative projects and services to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

To find out more, visit the Department for Education website


BeatBullying calls for a children's anti-bullying bill – Ayden's Law

03 MAY 2013

Today we are launching a new campaign with The Sun newspaper for Ayden's Law – a new children's anti-bullying bill designed to stop bullying in our society once and for all.

In the UK, 44% of all young people who take their own lives do so as a result of bullying. Ayden's Law is a campaign on behalf of all the young people who have lost their lives because of bullying, their families, and any child or young person being bullied today.

BeatBullying, The Sun newspaper, and families of children like Ayden are calling on the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to take action. We want him to call a summit to discuss how we can prevent any more tragedies, and the creation of Ayden's Law.

Find out more about how you can get involved and show your support for the campaign at

Follow @AydensLaw on Twitter or like BeatBullying's Facebook page to help us spread the word about this campaign.


Popstar Amelia Lily urges young people to stand up to bullying

21 MARCH 2013

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve teamed up with Amelia Lily to launch a ‘Find Your Voice’ competition for creative young people across the UK.

The competition invites budding poets and songwriters to pen a short piece based on the subject of beating bullying, or finding your voice. The winning entry will be produced as a song performed by Amelia Lily, with the winner also given the chance to meet the star.

The competition is the latest element of our partnership with ‘make mine Milk’. We’re hoping it will encourage many young people to speak out about their experience of bullying. It’s always hugely inspiring to hear from creative young people who are passionate about beating bullying, so we’re looking forward to listening to the entries and hearing the winning track.

Check out the video about the competition here

The closing date for the ‘Find Your Voice’ competition is 12pm on Thursday 18 April 2013. Young people can enter by visiting for more info, or by emailing


MindFull Mentor Training in London

18 MARCH 2013

Are you 11-17? Are you passionate about mental health and emotional wellbeing? Do you want to make a difference to other young people's lives - and learn loads of skills in the process? If the answer is yes, yes YES, then MindFull needs you!

MindFull is a brilliant new service aiming to completely change the way young people get advice about their mental health and emotional wellbeing. And we're looking to train young people like you to become MindFull Mentors.

  • When - Friday 5th April 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Where - Google HQ in London!
  • How to get involved - register your interest by completing the form MindFull Registration Form

Being a MindFull Mentor is a great way to help people who need someone their own age to talk to, learn more about mental health and emotional wellbeing - both your own and in general - and develop lifelong skills like listening and communication.

Join us and help change the world!

Thank you very much

The MindFull Team


New Research Reveals Only A Third Of Those Suffering Online Abuse Are Currently Reporting It To Social Networks

15 MARCH 2013

According to a new survey of teens for,  2 in 3 teens have experienced trolling or online bullying, but hardly any would turn to parents (17%) or teachers (1%) for support as their first reaction.

60% of teens also said they had never reported the problem to the relevant social media website. Teens don’t believe reporting abuse makes any difference; over a third of those deciding not to report the incident said it was because they felt like no action would be taken.

Emma-Jane Cross, CEO and founder of BeatBullying commented: "Bullying both on and offline continues to be a serious problem for a huge number of teenagers and we cannot ignore its often devastating and tragic effects. We work with hundreds of young people being cyber-bullied or trolled so badly that it can lead to depression, truancy, self-harm, or even force them to contemplate or attempt suicide. What’s also concerning is that many young people could be suffering in silence.”

Remember – if you’re under 18 and you are being bullied, speak to one of our  BeatBullying Mentors today to get support.


Did you miss the Radio 1Xtra documentary 'Coming Out'?

01 MAR 2013

Don’t worry! The programme will be broadcast again on BBC Radio 1, Monday 4th March at 9pm.

Tune in to hear BeatBullying’s Matt commenting on the difficulties that young people face when coming out, including fear of being bullied both on and offline.

The programme also features contributions from the likes of Jaymi Hensley - the X-Factor contestant and member of Union J who came out half way through the last series of the biggest talent show on telly. It also looks at the experiences of 'out' celebrities from the worlds of music and entertainment such as Frank Ocean and Stooshe.

On the programme, Matt commented that: “A generation ago, young people could go home from school and feel like they were in a safe environment. Now because young people live so much of their lives on the internet, they can feel like they have no real escape from bullying.”

Don’t forget, if you’re 11-17 and you’re struggling with homophobic or any kind of bullying, you can talk to one of our mentors online now. 


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